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Prom Party At Tashi’s studio

Prom Party 2019 at Tashi’s Studio.What a busy day it was with all the lovely boys and girls getting ready for Prom and Graduation. We were so excited to start our day and everything went as planned with all the appointments. From Hair up dos, half up dos, hair buns to ponytails, braids, every one looked ravishing and glamorous along with makeup done by Mandy. How can we forget about our handsome boys in the Prom Party! With Sleek pulled back hair cuts and spikey scissor cuts, these boys had all the girls to the yard! 
We can say that this Day was the busiest day for us in the entire year with over 45 beautiful young clients in one day. 

 Now Unfortunately, with the current pandemic there are no proms or graduations this year. We are feeling so devastated with everything going around and also, we are not yet able to be open for business since we are non essential. But on the positive side, Covid-19 cases are decreasing and we cannot wait to be back. Stay Safe everyone and see you all for another Prom Party in 2021. 

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