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How To Easily Blow Dry Hair

Hello #tashisbeauties!
So I finally made this detailed video on how I blow dry my hair using babylisspro styling brush. I always have so many people asking a detailed video, so here it is. I have mentioned all the hair care products I used and you can also see them below. This brush helps me blow dry my thick hair in less than 10 minutes without hurting my arms. I have been using this brush for good 8-10 years now. It makes my hair smoother and shinier and gives me a little curl too. Its very important to use a heat protection cream since its a hot tool and you want to protect your hair from the heat. Another thing I can’t tell you enough is to make sure to dry your hair about 80% before starting to use this brush. Its a styling brush and not a blow dry brush. It will not work properly if you use on towel dried hair. Infact it can even burn out. So make sure to keep this in my mind.

Product Details:
1. Kms Tame Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner: $22.95 each
2. Kms Moist Repair Shampoo and conditioner: $22.95 each
3. Kms Therma Shape Straightening Cream: $22.95 ( helps to smooth out my hair and provides heat protection)
4. Kms Moist Repair Leave-In conditioner Spray: $22.95 ( I used this to add more conditioner and damp my hair since its makes the process quicker and will help to further smoothen my hair.
5. Babyliss Pro Hot Styling Brush: $89.99
6.KMS Tame Frizz Defrizz oil: $22.95 (I use this to further add moisture and tame all the flyaways. It add tons of shine and make hair manageable. Always start with the ends of hair since they need maximum moisture and then work your way up.

All Hair care products are 30%off for a limited time Only. All products and tools used in this video are available in Orangeville or Brampton.
Tashi’s Studio 88 First St. Unit#2 Orangeville. Call us at 6479859538 for your orders. We are open for curb side pickup or deliveries.

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